Security Advice Letter from Our Community Safety/Crime Reduction Officer in Huntingdon

Dear resident,


 Reduce the Risk of Being Burgalled  (Photo by jayneandds)

With the few spells of warmer weather we have experienced over the last couple of months we are now seeing an increased risk of burglary to dwellings due to insecure doors and windows. Since the beginning of June 2012 the method of entry in 40% of reported dwelling burglaries has been via either an insecure door or window. This is across the whole of Huntingdonshire and has occurred in both daytime and overnight offences, there is no pattern in relation to area or time of day.

I would like to raise your awareness to home security and have listed below a few reminders that will help keep your property safer.

1) Where possible deny access to the rear of your property by use of high fencing and a lockable gate.

2) Fit PIR Security lighting which will activate on movement in the gardens

3) All doors should be closed and locked even when you are at home

4) Use a door chain before committing to answering your door

5) All windows should be closed and locked with the keys removed when you are away from the property

6) Fitting window restrictors will allow you to safely ventilate your home

7) All desirable, expensive or sentimental items including keys should be put out of sight, not visible from windows. Consider investing in an adequate safe, bolted to a solid structure within the property.

For further crime prevention information please see the below websites: –

As always please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity in your area giving as much detail as possible in relation to descriptions of persons, colour, make, model and index numbers of vehicles. Contact us by phone on the non-emergency number 101 or by email via Ecops or If you witness a live incident please call 999.

Many thanks,

Dave Griffin

Community Safety/Crime Reduction officer (Huntingdonshire)

Huntingdon Police Station

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