Opening Safes

Lost keys

If you have lost the keys to safe, all is not lost.  There are a number of ways Abbey Locksmiths can help you.  If it is a small domestic safe, opening the safe and choosing a suitable new safe would be your best option.  You will be shown the full range of safes available to ensure you get a replacement that is fit for purpose.

If it is a larger, better quality, domestic or commercial safe, once the lock has been picked, it may be possible to replicate a key from the lock or indeed just replace the locking mechanism, so that the cost of a new safe will not have to be a concern.

Forgotten Codes

Some electronic safes have inbuilt backup systems to ensure you can still open them if you happen to forget the code.  At Abbey Locksmiths, we are happy to advice over the phone free of charge, of any features your safe may have for you to first try to open your safe without having to call out a locksmith.  In the event that these features prove unsuccessful, we can come out and open the safe for you.  We may even be able to simply re-code the safe for you once opened, which would be included in your opening fee.

Jammed Safes

If your safe is damaged or jammed and you are unable to open it by conventional methods, we are able to open it for you.  There is no guarantee under these circumstances, however, that the entry would be non-destructive as the safe MAY be irreparably damaged.

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