Buying Safes Online – finding the right safe at the right price

Floorboard safe


At Abbey Locksmiths we offer a range of security products for you business or personal needs.  We can offer Safes to meet your Cash, Valuables and Fire rating requirements and will come to site prior to any purchase to advise on size and location needs if you require it.




Underfloor Safe

Counter Safe

We can supply all manner of safes including; Counter, Cupboard, Fire, Floorboard, Laptop, MOT, Underfloor and Wall safes, manufactured by many brands including CHUBB, YALE and ROTTNER.






When buying a safe it is important to work out your needs first then research what safes 

Cupboard Safe

are available to you.  Many people will predominantly have price as their indicator and work from there, where as in actuality, this can often leave you looking at completely the wrong thing. It is much better to first make a list of the requirements you NEED from your safe, then the requirements you would LIKE. If you can’t find a safe that fits your “need” requirements  for the right price, Abbey Locksmiths are happy to consult with you, or your insurer, free of charge, to ensure that the safe you buy will be fit for purpose.


If you require a safe for the purposes of Insurance, we can make your job even easier; As a free service we will read through your insurance policy and send back to you a list of safes and any relevant literature on that safe, which will be covered by your policy.  All you need to do then is choose your favorite from the list.


Get in touch to make your SAFE inquiry.



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