Changing Locks

Changing locks isn’t a complicated task for a competent diy’er. However do you really want to measure your locks, go to you local hardware store, search for the right one (normally to find out they don’t have exactly the same), come home, wrestle with the old one and fit the new one? 

Here at Abbey Locksmiths we have the knowledge of which lock is right for you and carry a large range of stock at all times. For a simple lock change, we can be done within the hour and it would cost you no more than paying your local odd job man, leaving you free to get on with other things.


When to change your locks

New Build – A lot of people think that because they have bought a new house they don’t need to change the locks. It’s actually more important on a new build than on any other property due to the sheer volume who have had access to your keys before you moved in. Possible people who have had access to your keys include:

  • Builders
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Estate Agents

Moved House – While the previous homeowner may think have handed over all the keys sometimes they have forgotten the set that they gave their next door neighbour or the dog sitter. This means there are spare keys lying around to your house with people you don’t know. 

Losing Keys – Have you come home and rummaged around in your  pockets or bag and not found your keys? Chances are you’ve left them at work, at your friends house or dropped them somewhere along the line.  If someone burgles your house with your keys there will be no sign of forced entry and insurance companies will be reluctant to pay out. 

Burglary – A sensible burglar will pick up as many keys as they can when in your property. This means that they will have access to your property at any time so they can come back again when you are not around.

Change in Home Insurance – It’s the bit of small print that you didn’t read. Most insurance companies will state the type of lock you need to have installed to keep your insurance valid. Without having the correct locks fitted the insurance company could refuse to pay out.  Not just this but sometimes having better locks installed can actually reduce the amount you pay for your home insurance and who doesn’t want to save a few pennies?

Find out what is the right lock for you.



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