What do I do if I get locked out?

The first thing you should do is take a walk around the property, checking that all other windows and doors are indeed secured.  Often, in the case of an accidental lockout, other doors and windows haven’t been locked as you haven’t been planning to leave the property.

In the event that you actually are locked out, try and find a neighbour or friend who can give you somewhere warm to wait while you find a local locksmith.  You may be tempted to stand outside your house, using your smartphone to trawl through Google to find a locksmith, then phone them to come and get you.  On a cold day, being locked out of your house can be demoralising enough without adding extra stress to the situation by standing outside trying to organise re-entry.  Unless you have a locksmith in your immediate vicinity, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be with you in just a few minutes, so keeping warm and stress free is key.

Find a locksmith.  Now that you are in the warm, you can afford to ring a few locksmiths to get a competitive quote, ensuring that your bad situation is not taken advantage of.


If you’re in Huntingdon, Chatteris, St Ives or surrounding Cambridgeshire villages then give us a call – we offer 24×7 emergency locksmith services with no callout fee. We’re a local locksmith you can trust – we pride ourselves on offering open, honest advice and not pushing unnecessary products onto our customers!

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