Types of Locks

Whilst there are many types of lock to suit all manner of needs such as Cam Locks for filing cabinets or furniture locks for drawers, when looking at locks for your property there will be 4 main types that you will be looking at:


Mortice Lock

There are many variations of the Mortice lock.


Typically found in wooden doors, working on a lever system, using a long key.  A cylinder variant can also be found, commonly fitted with thumb turn cylinders.



Cylinder Lock

Again there are several variations of a cylinder lock.


Typically these types of lock will be found in Composite / uPVC doors as part of a Multipoint locking mechanism.  They can also be found in mortice lock variant where fire safety is concerned.

Another type is the rim cylinder, typically found as the front part of a night latch.  See Night Latch below.




Not strictly speaking a lock, as it requires a 3rd party lock to become functional.  These are the doorstrips found on the side of uPVC / composite doors, though, they can also be found fitted to wooden doors.  


Night Latch

Again, not strictly speaking a lock, as it requires a rim cylinder to open from the outside.  Found in many shapes and sizes, typically fitted to wooden doors and Homes of Multiple Occupancy.



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