The start of the newsletters

So I was deciding what to write for a blog today and found myself remembering jobs that I have done recently and started to write about weaknesses in UPVC doors.

A flash of inspiration came to me. Instead of writing a big long post that people probably won’t read, why didn’t I write a newsletter? So that’s what I did and you can find it under the news section on this website. 

It’s not about me trying to get more sales and scaring people to call me but more about letting people know the potential risks with their UPVC doors. If I can get people to look at their homes and see the potential issues then that’s the first step. Even if they don’t call me there and then, I could be in the back of their mind and if they do pick up the phone and ask me to come and help make their property be more secure that makes the work worthwhile. 

So why not have a look and see what think.



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